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Former Rough Copy member Mr Up Stream covers Davido’s If

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Former Rough Copy member and X Factor finalist Mr Up Stream is back as a solo artist. Check out his first official photo shoot and watch the video of his version of Davido’s If.

Video shot and edited by Urban Shotz. Graphics by That SP Studios.

“For me covering a song or reducing it is not about showing I can do it better than the original, it’s about how it made me feel in the first place why I wanted to cover it, it’s about translating that same feeling/emotion I got when I first heard it into the song so the listeners can feel that same feeling and vibration. I promise original music soon come I’m just warming y’all up for the #UpStream band wagon.”

You can follow on Instagram @mrupstream and don’t forget to check out Mr Upstream’s video of Distance shot in Uganda by Ash Riley.

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