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Hard For Eyes To See — The Berlin Remix

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One of my favourite songs of Sir Ben Marx is Hard For Eyes To See, so it was a privilege to produce a video to accompany the Berlin remix of the track.

I asked Sir Ben Marx (SBX) about the song.

US: So is this song based on a real event?

SBX: Actually my musical partner Shaun Lamb wrote this song for me, so no, not this situation in particular, but similar has occurred.

US: And were you the cheated or the cheater?

SBX: Next! Steven Toteberg produced this remix with all of the dramatic strings while I was working with him in Berlin.

US: I see what you did there, nice diversion!

SBX laughs.

US: So what things are hard for YOUR eyes to see?

SBX: While the world is filled with many beautiful things and people to see, some things that are hard for my eyes to see are injustice for minorities and women, third world countries suffering from hunger, and some of the tweets of President 45.

The video was shot at Urban Spree in Berlin against a backdrop of art by Rylsee. The work is called Other Inbox and is a playful journey into modern typography and glitches.

How to Play with Letters by Rylsee
How to Play with Letters by Rylsee

His new book, How To Play With Letters, is available from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and amazon.de

You can keep up-to-date with Sir Ben Marx by following him on Instagram @7sir7

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